bt-accent LED Facials

bt-accent® LED Facials

These LED facials consist of double cleansing, exfoliation (depending on skin condition) mask & LED light then finished with moisturiser & SPF.

LED facials can also be combined with both DermalogicaCACI facials. Depending on skin concern we may recommend a particular course, this can be discussed in our consultation as treatments can vary depending on skin.

30 Minute LED Treatment 30 minutes £42
40 Minute LED Treatment 40 minutes £50

The difference between 30 & 40min treatment is how long the LED is on. 

Pro 60 Plus 60 minutes £68

A full 60min dermalogica facial with the added benefit of LED light therapy LED light therapy Is also included in the CACI 70 & 90 min non surgical & microdermabrasion facials.


About The bt-accent® LED Facials

The bt-accent® LED features 552 red, blue, and combination lights to address a variety of service options.

LED light therapy is a great add on or stand-alone treatment – enhancing your current skin treatment or a great quick skin boost.

LED light therapy works with different colours lights that reach different levels of the skin, creating ATP synthesis, blood circulation and normalizing the cells to treat the existing conditions that concern you.

Professional LED treatments can also help boost your mood during long, dark winters.


• Clearing
• Brightening
• Age management
• Fine lines
• Dull skin tone and clarity
• Sun Spots
• Blemishes
• Dehydration
• Cell energy – ATP synthesis

Red Light – reaches the deepest into the skin

• Circulation
• No heat, remains cool
• Boost collagen production
• Plumps up the skin
• Minimize fine lines and wrinkles
• Treats sun damage
• Reduces redness after IPL or laser treatments

Blue Light

• Blemishes
• Rosacea flairs
• Kills bacteria -P Acnes which is responsible for breakouts. This lives on the surface of the skin.
• Calming and soothing
• Great for a busy mind due to the relaxing blue light

Combination – red and blue

• Circulation
• Reduces bacteria to improve blemished skin
• Rosacea flairs
• Menopausal skin

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