In the salon we use 2 different types of wax, Strip wax and Hot wax. Strip wax is the most common and is used for all areas of waxing and is suitable for most people to use anywhere, although not recommended for intimate waxing. 

We also use Harley hot wax, it is a South African wax, ideal for thicker hair and also for customers with sensitive skin. It is ideal for intimate bikini waxes as well for underarm hair. Hot wax, can be used for face or underarm at a additional cost

Our waxing services and prices, from head to toe: -

Eyebrow Wax   £14.75
Lip or Chin   £10.00
Lip & Chin   £17.50
Lip, Chin & Eyebrows   £24.50


Underarm   £14.50
Fore Arms   £18.25
Full Arms   £24.50


Bikini   £17.00
High Bikini   £22.50
Brazilian   £34.50
Hollywood   £36.50
Half Leg   £22.00
Full Leg   £33.00


Half Leg & Bikini   £33.50
Half Leg & Brazilian   £49.50
Half Leg & Hollywood   £51.00
Full Leg & Bikini   £43.50
Full Leg & Brazilian   £53.50
Full Leg & Hollywood   £56.00
Full Leg, Brazilian, Under Arms & Eyebrows   £72.00


Eyebrow   £15.50
Chin   £13.50
Sides of Face   £18.00


Male Waxing

Back or Chest   £21.50
Back & Chest   £38.00


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